ELEVATE - Pitch Contest


Has God been stirring your heart with an idea? Possibly for years?

Stop wondering if your media idea has merit. Our Elevate Pitch Contest is designed to help you find out now. Winning entries will receive frame-worthy award certificates immediately following the completion of all pitches.


How to Participate

Take these simple steps to find out if your idea is ready to become a real project:

  1. Create a project idea one sheet (provided here).
  2. Enter it into the Pitch Contest (free). [SUBMIT ENTRY FORM ONLINE]
  3. Present a 5-minute pitch of your project idea to your peers and a professional.
  4. Get a chance to win a beautiful certificate.
  5. Celebrate your project idea.
  6. Embrace wisdom and experience as the utmost awards, for this process can hone your project idea.


Media categories:

  • Print Publications (books, magazines, e.g.)
  • Audio (podcast, radio, e.g.)
  • Television
  • Film
  • Music (songwriting, score writing, e.g.)


The professional in each media category will review and give awards for:

  • Best in Category (kids, adults, women, e.g.)
  • Best Pitch
  • Best Title
  • Most Creative
  • Most Marketable

How to Prepare

Download expert tips on how to make the most of your pitch!

Bloom In The Dark, Inc. will be sponsoring the Elevate Pitch Contest by providing all the award certificates.


The date


February 19, 2024


3:30 pm

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