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February 18, 2024


3:30 pm

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About Monica Schmelter

Author, speaker and broadcast journalist Monica Schmelter, loves a good story. But not just any story. She tells the stories of everyday people. People that experience real life, in all its dimension. People that journey through struggle, to ultimately find the goodness of God.

"Bridges" brings hope daily

Monica skillfully leverages heart for storytelling in the media as host of the Christian Television Networks daily program, Bridges. The program is seen in over 50 million homes weekly. Currently she serves as the station manager at WHTN in Nashville. “

The world is a dark place and things are changing rapidly,” she says. “All people need the hope and truth that Christian television provides.”

Monica is also a well endorsed and sought after inspirational speaker that uses the Word to enhance her ability to teach Kingdom principles. She captivates her audiences with her ability to simplify the complicated and clarify the unclear.

Monica’s mission in life and in ministry is clear, “Whether I’m praying for a viewer, leading the team, speaking on television or at an event, I am depending on the Lord for strength and wisdom,” Monica says. “I speak God’s Word with boldness because of His unconditional love for all people. He is good and He desires that all people come to salvation through His Son Christ. I don’t let ministry or life get more complicated than that.”