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Get ready for rich content from a stellar group of speakers, presenters, and worship leaders!


Marion MacKenzie Pyle


January 13, 2024

Media Industry Experts are Ready to Pour into You

Fuel your passion and propel your media career to new heights! Join us for an unforgettable experience as each session promises an exhilarating journey where theory meets practical application to shape and position your platform, ministry or brand for greater Kingdom impact and success. 


Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled expertise and inspiration! Engage in interactive sessions led by visionary leaders and industry experts who share invaluable insights, innovative strategies and practical techniques in cutting-edge content creation, multimedia storytelling, and the latest advancements in digital media. 



Transcend traditional learning and get equipped to navigate the forefront of media innovation and impact with the accomplished experts in the media and entertainment business.  Elevate your platform or ministry, connect with like-minded professionals, and leave empowered with the tools and knowledge to revolutionize your approach to media. 


Get ready to take some notes for these! A Panel provides a whole different learning experience as you get to hear from several experts sharing their insights and experiences on key questions.


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Marion MacKenzie Pyle

Save $30 a night for a two-room suite. From $179 to $149.


Marion MacKenzie Pyle

Everyone has a story and a journey that got them to where they are today.