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Get To Know This Year's Speakers

Everyone has a story and a journey that got them to where they are today.


Marion MacKenzie Pyle


January 13, 2024

Take a look at the impressive backgrounds of our speakers

With five Keynotes, three Masterclasses, four Level Up sessions, and twelve Media Panels, there are a lot of people involved.

They are on our stage for a reason: they have something important to share with you, to teach you, to inspire you, to propel you forward in your assignment.

Take a moment to review their Speaker pages. I'm sure you will find someone you have to meet.

Many divine appointments happen at our conference. Pray for God to orchestrate the connections He has for you!

See you in Nashville!


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Marion MacKenzie Pyle

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Marion MacKenzie Pyle

Get ready for rich content from a stellar group of speakers, presenters, and worship leaders!